Sunday, 20 July 2014

(experience) how to resolve the wifi is not detected in laptop along with screenshots

My experience overcome the wifi is not detected in my laptop. This is my personal experience when i solve the problem wifi not detected by the laptop. This story began when I was being cool surfing the internet or perhaps more accurately creep, because it speeds smartfren far from fast, disturbed by the death of the wireless connectivity is not detected.

Thank God, after I have been looking on the Internet turns out there is also a blogger friend who had experienced the same thing with me. Kinship shared causes hehe .. Okay back to the point. Main of article it is to solve the problem of the wifi that not detected on your notebook or laptop. 

Step before the first step you have to do is "read the prayer" prayer read yes, this is important! because without ridhonya what's a business that we do 
Well, "check your computer!"

1 You click "Start" -> select the computer -> you right click -> then select "Properties"

2 Then, You select "device manager"

3 You see if there are any devices that are marked with an exclamation (!). If there is an error indicating devices

4 If there is something wrong with your device. You have to manually install the device again. Note: In the driver should install the appropriate driver to use with your notebook how you can download over here DRIVER IDENTIFIER

5. If you've downloaded, you immediately install and run the application. Later will appear like this 

6 You click 'scan driver ". This application is useful to identify the type of driver that is damaged. It should be noted, you must be connected to the Internet!
7 Wait a moment, there will be a pop-up in your browser as shown below

Figure 8 above specification describes the type of driver that matches ours

9 Then you try to scroll down there will look like this.

10 there will be the words "good", "update", and "download". You select the "download". Usually for wireless problems reading "ethernal controller". If different, adjust it

11. Once you click there will be a type-type tuh appropriate to your driver,

12. Try to choose must fit the brand and specifications of your laptop. Because of the time my laptop asus, asus so I choose the smallest size hehe 

13. Once you click on that will be downloaded, usually you will be directed to register.

14. Select the left, fill in your name and email. simple anyway calm ga no frills again. you click on "register" immediately continue later wrote

15. After that you will be given your driver download link. click on the upper part, a direct link from your laptop vendor.

16th will be in the form of a zip file. You ekstract

17. You're looking for "setup.exe". remember the "setup.exe" if ga is usually diuar folder location within the folder "install_CD" (perhaps each different brand).

18. you wait. And yes .. you have success to install the driver again.

19th Now you turn on your wifi again, whether detected or not. Your browsing test.

20 If the above succeed science is useful in case you can share to your friends :) do not forget to give thanks "alhamdulillahirobbil a'lamin" :) 
Note: If you still can not try to change the driver you want to download in step 12 

Perhaps so much from me hopefully be useful for you to have the same problem with that I have ever experienced. Wassalamualaikum :) 


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