Monday, 21 July 2014

10 Tips on Starting a small business to be successful and rapidly growing more

Jakarta - 10 Tips on Starting a small business to be successful and rapidly growing more .difficult to get a job, make some Indonesian people prefer to open his own business. If you include people who have the business, there are things you should consider whether you run a business in order to progress and develop. Here are tips from Guenta K. I'm trying to summarize. 10 Tips for Starting a small business to succeed and grow faster: 

1 Take a look around you there any examples of success you want to learn? Observe and learn not to cheat completely. 

2 Find your business partners For business travel is a journey filled with risk, then seek business partners than you have to use their own money for investment. Yes, if your business profitable Indeed, the results of those profits will be split into two with a partner, but it is useful to minimize bankruptcy earlier. 

3 Employees yes you are the one you own If you do not want to work hard, overtime or forgo personal gain, the field of entrepreneurship is not suitable for you. At first, you do not be able to pay its own employees, although with the cheapest price then yes you are the one employee you own. 

4 Remember if time is money, such as Rp 100 thousand / hour. In this way then you will be helped in terms of taking a decision. 

5 If you decide to have employees, then look for employees who fit with your vision you are too ambitious to succeed it will tend to hire employees without regard to the size of business you run. Business owners who have a vision for their business could be disrupted by the presence of the employee who is not in accordance with the vision 

6 Try to sell your excess product not the price, if you are frustrated in marketing a product then you will tend to compete on price for the sake of goals that want you want, but you know if it is not a wise choice. Try selling your excess product not the price, explain that your product price is higher because it has a better value than other products. 

7 Try to take into account everything that is needed in building a store rental business, telephone costs, electricity costs, employee pricing until pelastik even if you have to take into account long before starting a business. If you have never thought about these basic things like try to think again. 

8. advantage of technology now increasingly sophisticated as technology has applications yan popping and also data storage with cloud computing that have low prices. It will make your small business can compete with large companies, it's just an example of the use of technology, try to find another technology. Remember the advantage of low cost technologies available on the market. 

9 Select the Vendor and Supplier of very Vendors or suppliers as well as customers, they could give us a discount based on the volume of bookings we buy or even we can get some additional products for free from him. This also will be beneficial for those who are just starting a small business. 

10 Do all my heart In every case must be working with a half-full not half as penusaha requires a strong mentality to survive when his fall, and do not fall asleep when his reached the top. do it with all your heart. 

So 10 Tips for Starting a small business to succeed and grow quickly what I can tell, completely these tips given by Guenta K. I shared to friends. Hopefully you can inspire a new or already starting to open a business. Hopefully your business more successful and grow. Aamiin :)


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